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"Natural Things" poems collection

"Natural Things", my first poems collection in over 5 years in out now and available on Amazon in paperback, eBook, and hardcover!

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Natural Things  sings to the heart, praises life and love, imagines sorrow and death, and dives into the reasoning behind life. It follows along my journey, speaks of a troubled past, yet is heartfelt simultaneously.

Interested readers should check out my stories here and sample poems.

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My Story

Growing up, I loved to read and write. I never put down my pencil or pen. I always was a very creative child. As I grew older and was in high school, I always had my nose in a book-- when I was drawing or playing the guitar. I wanted to be a writer. So, after I graduated, I attended community college majoring in English. I earned some credits, but never completed the curriculum unfortunately. 

Now, I'm taking the opportunity to make my life-long dream a reality and bring you stories and poems. 

I am currently also working on a full-length novel about a line cook taking from my experiences in the restaurant industry.

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