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Here are a few poems for you all to enjoy!

"Bus Home"

When I was released, they handed me my things.
       Everything was so quick, I got my bus
       Ticket and followed behind the tech.
       We exited the hospital, and I got into a van.

My stay was exactly fourteen days, only enough 
       For the insurance to cover, and I guess
       Enough time to be fully evaluated
       By the doctors and therapists and psychiatrist.

Any way …

I got on the bus,, and dug out my things
       From my bag that had my name
       Written on it in permanent marker;
       It was odd to just be a name on a bag.

I was leaving the Valley alone on a bus.
       Being disassociated from reality, I wasn’t
       Anxious; I really didn’t think
       About the journey ahead of me.

Further more …

I was sitting there, alone, and I had
       A vacant seat next to me. 
       I kept my bag on the seat,
       Close by for peace of mind.

I was ready to get back, although things
       Wouldn’t have changed for another
       Two or so months; the psychosis
       Would ensure that.

I guess …

Looking back, two years ago
       I wasn’t in the best of places,
       But I know now, I needed help,
       And medicine and my monthly doctor visits.

… and that’s okay.

"The Sun, a Star"

They say one day 
The sun will implode,
Or explode,
Or whatever it is
That stars do
When they are no
Longer living
And die.
One day, I, too,
Will explode
Or implode,
Or do whatever
It is that
I might do
When I’m no
Longer living.

"The Light in Your Eyes"

There is a certain
Joy in a child’s
Wild gaze—
A world of wonder
And endless

From the moment
I saw you 
As a babe,
I knew I loved
You with all
Of my heart.

You grew
And grew,
And I fell more
Madly in love.
A boy’s life 
Of Adventures.
I only wanted
To be a little
Part of that.

You’re my 
Little man
And I’ll love 
You unconditionally
And forever.
Always stay 
Young, nephew.
Don’t grow up.

"Cross the River"

I see myself in shallow waters
Holding what is left of me.
I don’t need your consent
To do the things that I love.
The mammoth river flows
Downward. The tide goes.
I don’t need your permission
To live a life of freedom and happiness.

I build a home upon stable ground.
I find myself finally at peace.
The earth is filled with possibilities.
The sky watches over my heart and soul.
I don’t need to know who you are
To know that you have no good intentions.
Don’t crush my hopes and dreams
Just because you could never achieve

All those great things in your life
That I hope to accomplish one day soon.
I will persevere and I will grab hold the dream.
I will make my life worth something to live for.
I cross the river that crushed you as a child.
I fill my cup with cool, friendly water.
Don’t harp on me and say I can’t
Because I know that I indeed can.


You can’t take away what was gifted.
God, grant me serenity and peace.
I don’t have an enemy, but a jealous person
Can spoil what I have built for myself.
Clouds up high sing to my dream
And narrate my life— a song so sweet.
Deliver me from evil and allow me to flourish.
Cross the river at night and I hope I’ll come out dry.

"Permanent Ink"


Write your name
On my skin
And tell me all
You have to give
Keep me up
With late-night calls.
Mend my heart
And catch me 
When I

Out in space,
They say,
I can’t hear you
But you float

In the wild,
I see God
But underwater,
I feel the deep
Despair of 
Another life
Once led
Long ago

From space,
I was born.
In my mother’s
Belly. I was freed.


Beat, beat— 
Went my heart
When I first
Saw you.
Now it crashes
And collides
With matter
That implodes.
Your face—
A relic of hate—
I can’t bare 
To look at.
I turn away,
Walk away—
And leave 
Your presence.

"All Over"

It’s all over
When I can’t win the argument
I’ve found myself at the end
Of a relationship gone wrong

I tend to give up,
But I won’t give up on you
There’s something strange
In finding solace in someone

I’ve never dated for very long,
But my head wouldn’t allow more 
Than a year or so;
I’m not a good boyfriend.

I find the love inside you
To be refreshing and different.
You’re a breath of fresh air and
I love you.

"Departing Flesh"

I crawl on all fours,
I feel the water on my skin—
It’s loose and slips off my hide.

I drool and look away,
My blood is thick.
I run through the fields.

I’m something else,
A creature of nature.
My roar is fierce.

Man turned to beast,
I leave my morality behind.
I am the night and the day.


To the ashes that fall
Down on my head
When I turn to sleep
At the day’s end …
I fall into a slumber
I fall and wake in a dream
I see the reality,
It’s never what it seems

I trudge through mud,
I run through golden
Fields of wheat, and
Cup the rain
In my hand;
I’m free here
In the land
Of possibilities


There she goes— in full bloom;
       That girl I knew, under a sky
       Full and cloudy; there she goes,
       There she blooms.

"When the Sun Fails ...

When the sun fails
I have always
Loved you
When the Earth shakes
Think of me
Don’t be scared
In the end
When the sky falls
Hold me
As close as you can
Stand your ground
When the ground shakes
Don’t leave now
I’m right beside you.

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